Our home of Alaskan Malamutes is well known in Russia and in many other countries.

Since the foundation time we have come a long distance from the malamute lovers to the loving malamute kennel and show home. You can find many excellent representatives of the breed who have words Chesvik-Top (breeder Ekaterina Chebotareva) and Snow Train in their dog names and in which breeding we took our part, and since 2011 Mal Planet (breeder Tatiana Goncharova) our registered kennel name for the new breeding program based on the several Alaskan malamutes imported from the USA.

In 2012 we were recommended to join the Alaskan Malamute Club of America, and since 2013 we were approved and became the actual member of AMCA, which brings together the leading breeders of Alaskan Malamutes in the U.S. and other countries.

We appreciate and respect the particularities of Alaskan malamute the ancient breed of dog. We believe that malamute is the most beautiful and the most magnificent of the northern sledge dogs, and if you are not in love with this gorgeous breed, you may not have seen its real, true, the best representatives yet.

In our work, we primarily focused on breeding the dogs with show exterior, type and temperament. We have our vision of ideal malamute, which we share with many 11other breeders, both in Russia and abroad. Our vision of malamute is based on the breed standard. While we admit the possibility of some diversity in phenotype of malamutes come of different bloodlines, we think that maintaining canonicity to the existing standard and profound respect for the sledge dog health requirements is the important part of the job of each breeder.

More information about the phenotype and the traits of malamutes you can find at our web site:

We appreciate the genetic wealth of different Alaskan malamute bloodlines, which we follow now and plan to follow in the future. Certainly, as European show-home, apart from the genetic issues, we value in our malamutes their perfect exterior, standard type, good balance, movements, show temperament and ability to win in the show rings.

In breeding we believe that moderation and harmony are carte-de-visite of Alaskan malamute, and these principles should underlie at the root of any kennel of this breed.

In our selection work we, first of all, look at the phenotype and soundness of the parents rather than the number of titles held by them. We weight up parents characteristics very carefully before we turn to the evaluation of their puppies prospects. In the parents we are looking for the traits which coincide with our vision, for the consistency and the ability to propagate their positive features to their descendants. It does not always work this way, but usually the most successful show malamute is the most popular as a stud or a dam in the breed.

Finally, we appreciate friendship and believe that it works. All our malamutes and their owners are our large extended family in which no one never will stay alone with his or her dog problem, and everyone will find needed support, assistance and understanding.

If you share our values, we will be glad to see you among our friends fanciers of Alaskan malamutes.

Yours faithfully, Tatiana, Anastasia and Vladimir Goncharovs

Tatiana Goncharova
Mulamute puppies. Feeding, care, grooming. Intercourse and consultations.
Vladimir Goncharov
Web-site, information support. Cooperation with foreign malamute kennels.
Anastasia Goncharova
Assistance in training and handling puppies, juniors and adult dogs in show rings.